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World's Leading Conference Organisers (WLCO) operates as a global strategic referral service in managing conferences and congresses. WLCO members will share information on previous world congresses to develop a central database accessible to all.

Unparalleled in the meetings management industry, the world's leading conference organisers is a group of professional conference organisers with an enviable record for managing conferences, exhibitions and special events.

WLCO believes that choosing the right destination when organising your international conference is the basis of a successful event.

In this regard, analysis of world congress history and past locations will highlight the potential for national bids and potential movement to WLCO members. The major benefit to WLCO members will be in the contacts at the highest levels of associations and other organisations, and in the potential to build relationships across associations.

The WLCO philosophy is to share and collaborate in order to generate business leads amongst WLCO members in providing professional conference organising services. Each member of WLCO will deliver through relationship-driven values.